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Gunjan Mittal

After dedicating years to nurturing her family, Gunjan embarked on a journey to breathe life into her lifelong dream: Kokum, a venture aimed at celebrating India’s rich heritage through the timeless elegance of sarees.
With an innate love for art & creativity, Gunjan has been cultivating her talents since her earliest memories. Despite her years as a homemaker, she harboured an unyielding love for Indian culture, particularly its vibrant tapestry of sarees. She envisioned Kokum not merely as a business endeavour but as a platform to reignite the love between sarees &  fashion enthusiasts. She wanted something that would not only align with her passions but also make a meaningful impact on the lives of others, regardless of its scale. Thus, Kokum was born.
Gunjan believes that by making sarees mainstream, she can contribute to the preservation of our cultural legacy.
Kokum isn’t just a store; it’s a celebration of identity, a tribute to tradition, and a testament to the enduring power of one woman’s dream to make a difference.

Richa Ghosh 

Richa’s journey from the corporate world to the realm of sarees is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion. After dedicating several years to the corporate sector, Richa embarked on a profound journey alongside her sister, Gunjan, to breathe new life into India’s rich heritage of sarees.
With a vision of celebrating the intricate artistry and timeless elegance of sarees, Richa set out to create a brand that would resonate with modern consumers while honouring age-old traditions.
Why limit oneself to just one passion when you can excel in many? Richa embodies this ethos effortlessly, showcasing her boundless energy and versatility in balancing multiple roles. Besides being behind almost everything, she can be often found on sourcing trips to curate the finest six yards from across the country.

The Sisters

Gunjan & Richa, bound by sisterhood and a shared passion for sarees, form a dynamic duo at Kokum. Their partnership is a testimony to the power of collaboration, where their individual strengths complement each other.

Together, they create a harmonious blend of innovation n tradition, weaving together threads of creativity & craftsmanship.
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