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We played together; laughed together. We danced through the nights and slept under the sky. We shared each of our anguish, our story. Being the family of only sisters, we got to see each hue of womanhood even more clearly. Woman that inspires, wins, sulks, struggles, laughs, shouts and fills colors into everything dull around her. ]ust like everything else,both of us also shared a dream of having a shop to help women feel great, look great and do great.

We believe there is a saree for every shade of a woman. Nothing, other than a saree describes a woman exactly the way she is/ feels. And like all good things, it took a little longer for our dream to take shape, but we are so glad that Kokum finally came into existence.

Kokum is also committed to preserving India’s rich craft heritage and so is sourcing from artisans to ensure healing, love, and happiness for all.

We, above all, dedicate this long-awaited dream to our parents, who have been our strength and force behind everything we have been able to do.

We love you Maa – Papa!

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