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About Studio Kokum

Kokum: Here’s how to cheer the amazing you!

Kokum the miraculous fruit is like a woman in more than one way. It has the power to love, the power to heal, and be strong. Kokum evokes tenacity, idealism,
kindness, dignity, and respect for all. It does the magic of healing through indulgence to look beautiful by being itself. Kokum smiles, Kokum cries, Kokum manages to weather the storms. For each woman is Kokum.

Every woman deserves dresses to match the charm of all her shades. Saree that decorates the powerful you, that celebrates your creativity, your wit. The style that sets you free without being monotonous, the style that is as vibrant as you are, and styles that can complement your moods, struggles, battles, victories, and celebrations.

Yes, Kokum offers this all… to you! To itself.

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