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Kokum Pratyusha aims to honor and shed light on the overlooked triumphs of contemporary Indian women who pursue their passions and aspirations. These are narratives of their resolute spirits, adversities, accomplishments, and personal encounters that have shaped their identities.
This endeavor seeks to comprehend their voyage and how they merge their contemporary lifestyles with their customary origins. These women are unwavering and a perpetual source of motivation. Our goal is to showcase these remarkable stories.


Indu Rajput 
Breaking Barriers: The Inspiring Journey of Indu Rajput, Founder, Raksha – The Savior

Seema Srivastava
Meet Seema Srivastava who will inspire you to dream of a better world

Rekha Jhingan
From Darkness to Light: The Inspiring Story of Rekha Jhingan's Journey in Drug Rehabilitation

Isha Patel's-journey-of-healing-through-yoga

Madhu Kashyap